Job opening: Account Manager Life Sciences SVI

Scientific Volume Imaging is a world leader in microscopy image processing software located in Hilversum. Because of a growing market for our Huygens software, we’re looking for new enthusiastic colleagues who enjoy working in a fast-moving market.

If you have experience in image processing and/or microscopy, are truly interested in a commercial position, and enjoy working with customers from life-science institutes worldwide, you’re the person we’re looking for. You are a team-player who enjoys taking responsibility for direct sales, stays in close contact with our customers and enjoys learning on the job.

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Announcement: NEMI Photo Competition

The Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) hereby announces the 2020 Photo Competition. We invite you to submit your best EM image through this form. This is a chance to showcase the stunning beauty of your electron microscopy work in the Material and Life Sciences! 

Deadline for submission is November 13th, and the winners will be announced at the 2020 NEMI Day (note November 25 in your calendar, more info will follow soon). There will be prizes for the top-3 images, and the best 12 images will be used to create a NEMI calendar that will be handed out to the entire NEMI community.

Please go and find your best pictures ever and spread the word among your contacts and interested parties!

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Webinar Series: Imaris Homeschool

Advanced Microscopy Webinars

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Electron Microscopy Resources 

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EM history:

EMBO workshop

In situ Structural Biology – From Cryo-EM to Integrative Modelling 6 – 8 December 2020