8, 11 and 17 February 2022: From Pixel to Publication Course

Date and time

8, 11, and 17 February 2022


Clear presentation of research output in a scientific publication, as a PhD thesis, or on a website, has become an essential yet challenging task for anyone in the data-rich environment of life sciences. Typical examples include producing publication-grade figures from raw graphics objects (images or graphs) or compiling the PhD thesis from graphics and text data. Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is a powerful software package containing applications that can make these tasks substantially lighter. Yet we experience in our daily interactions with the 500+ users of the AMC Cellular Imaging core facility that most PhD students have only limited understanding of the applications, capabilities and workflows of the CC workhorses – Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and InDesign.

Understanding CC combined with basic training, driven by the needs of PhD students, will increase the quality and communicability of your scientific output, and teach valuable skills that can be transferred to any modern creative or production environment.

Aims and scope

  • General understanding of computer-generated graphical data formats, with special focus on pixel- and vector-based graphics.
  • Detailed understanding of optimal workflows to generate publication-quality figures, poster and PhD thesis from any graphical or text data.
  • Focused (limited) training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and InDesign, tailored to the needs of these workflows.

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Materials Science EM meeting (online)

The NVvM and NEMI are organizing the third Materials Science EM meeting which will take place on Wednesday February 2, 2022. Please find the program below. The meeting will be online via Microsoft Teams. The meeting is organized by Sonia Conesa Boj (TU Delft) and Marijn van Huis (Utrecht University). Please register for this meeting by sending an email to m.a.vanhuis@uu.nl. A link to the online meeting will be sent to all participants in January 2022.


09.45-10.00   Online arrival and home-made coffee; opening at 10.00 am 

10.00-10.45   Heiner Friedrich (TU Eindhoven) 

10.45-11.30   Majid Ahmadi (Univ. Groningen) 

11.30-12.15   Maarten Bolhuis (TU Delft) 

12.15-13.00   Lunch 

13.00-13.45   Rafael Gregorio Mendes (Utrecht Univ.) 

13.45-14.30   Wiebke Albrecht (AMOLF Amsterdam) 

14.30-15.15   Gertjan Koster (University of Twente) 

15.15-15.30   Discussion and closure 

Invited participating groups: 

  • UU (Marijn van Huis, Petra de Jongh, Martyn Drury) 
  • TUD (Sonia Conesa Boj, Jacob Hoogenboom) 
  • TU/e (Heiner Friedrich, Jom Luiten, Marcel Verheijen) 
  • AMOLF (Wiebke Albrecht, Erik Garnett) 
  • RUG (Bart Kooi) 
  • University of Twente (Gertjan Koster) 
  • Leiden University (Sense Jan van der Molen) 
  • Industrial partners