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Upcoming events

For upcoming NEMI Platform seminars click here

Past events

ABC in EM – online course in Electron Microscopy – September 6-7 2021

Ultrapath 2021, Amsterdam

NEMI Platform seminar April 8

NEMI Platform seminar April 1

NEMI Platform seminar

EM Materials Science meeting January 11th

NEMI Event 2020

9th electron tomography congress.

9th EMT congress/ Egmond aan Zee

EMC 2020, Copenhagen

Ph.D / Postdoc course Advanced Optical Microscopy 2020

Basics in Fluorescence Microscopy – Amsterdam, NL

Cryo- and Immuno-EM, UMC Utrecht

NVvM Meeting Eindhoven

NeCEN EM Seminar – Dr. Rouslan Efremov

Making microscopy data FAIR: Why? What? How?

CRS Microscopy, Denmark

Multi-modal microscopy, Austria

NEMI Kick off meeting

EMBL Serial SEM, Germany

NEUBIAS training image analysis

Imaging the process of life, Germany

Dutch Biophysics 2019

Functional Imaging course, Amsterdam

Material Sciences EM, The Netherlands


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