2022 NEMI Photo Competition

The Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) announces the 2022 Photo Competition. Submit your best EM visual through this form.

This is a chance to showcase the stunning beauty of EM work!

We welcome a broad range of visuals covering Life and Materials Sciences, and any type of EM technique is acceptable. Visuals may include original, annotated or pseudo-colored EM images, as well as 3D-models generated from EM images and any other visuals generated by EM.

Everyone can join and submit one image per person.
Pictures will be judged by a miscellaneous panel for their visual impact.

There are prizes for the top-3 images and the best 12 images will be used in the 2023 NEMI calendar. Winners will be announced mid-november.

Please go and find your best pictures and spread the word among your contacts and interested parties!

Deadline for submission: October 31st 2022

Silicon’s atomic terraces
First prize NEMI photo competition
Stitched image showing the atomic terraces of the 600 μm2 Si(111) surface, imaged with reflected electrons with a landing energy of 10 eV
Electronic, Structural, and Chemical Nanoimaging in Real Time (ESCHER) set up for aberration-corrected low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM), Leiden Institute for Physics, Leiden University
Guido Stam, Leiden University

Second prize NEMI photo competition
Nanoscale PbTe rectangles resembling a sprawling city
Zeiss Sigma scanning electron microscope, Nanolab, Eindhoven University of Technology
Sander Schellingerhout, Eindhoven University of Technology

Human Blood Platelets
Third prize NEMI photo competition
Platelet aggregate (blue), fibrin network (yellow), attached Neutrophil (orange)
Cambridge M 600 scanning electron microscope, at Utrecht University
Harry Heijnen & René Scriwanek, University Medical Center Utrecht