COMULIS COST & CLEM travel grants

1) STSM Call: Continuously Opened-Call, Applications for the STSMs can be submitted any time and will be reviewed at the end of each month!

This activity is centered on “mobility grants”, also called Short-Term Scientific Missions. Early Career Investigatos (ECI) and and Experienced Image Scientists, from Research Labs AND Core facilities, can apply for funds to cover their expenses when visiting a Host Lab in a different country (Lab or industry) where they will perform a short scientific project focused on Correlative Multimodal projects, and that should enable: 1) collaborations on innovative CMI methods, 2) access to CMI technology and/or image analysis tools for scientists lacking them locally, 3) knowledge transfers to support careers and regional development. Please, find more details here and contact me or Julia for any question:

Julia Fernandez Rodriguez – COMULIS STSM Coordinator –


2) ITC Conference Grants

We support Early Career Investigators from ITC countries with travel grants to visit conferences on (multimodal) bioimaging & image analysis between November 15th, 2018 and April 15th, 2019. I’m specifically encouraging applications & poster submissions for the upcoming EMIM since COMULIS will have a session on Multimodal Imaging there. Applications will be peer-reviewed at the end of each month. Please, find more details here and contact me or Ivana for any question:

Ivana Vrhovac Madunic – COMULIS Conference Grant Coordinator –