New MSc Imaging Engineering at Maastricht University

Would you like to revolutionise how scientists view the world and everything in it? Start a master in imaging engineering!

This new interdisciplinary master integrates (bio)chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering to train students in theoretical, technical and practical aspects of high-end imaging research and instrumentation engineering.

With Imaging Engineering, you will drive advances in areas such as medicine, chemical engineering, surface and process chemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, and imaging equipment design. Our programme turns science graduates into interdisciplinary imaging professionals, putting you on track for an exciting career in this growing field. Your future work could have a powerful impact in academia or industry – solving crimes, improving medical scans, developing self-driving cars, boosting green food production, and more.

Admissions are already open, and the programme will officially start on 01 September.

For more information check out the website