Online resources/courses recommended by NEMI

Online Courses/Resources on Microscopy

Online Courses on Image Analysis

  • Image Processing and Analysis for Life Scientists EPFL

  • Basics of Image processing and analysis in ImageJ

Lecture BioImage Analysis 2020

  • Fiji Scripting Tutorial

  • Icy tutorials

  • Image Processing Forum

  • Image processing with Python advanced

  • Unix, R and Python tools for genomics and data science     

  • Ilastik Tutorials

  • Data Science in Cell Imaging

  • Computational image processing in microscopy

Webinar Series: Imaris Homeschool

Advanced Microscopy Webinars

  • Webinars by Picoquant

  • Webinars by BiteSizeBio

Electron Microscopy Resources 

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EM history:

EMBO workshop

In situ Structural Biology – From Cryo-EM to Integrative Modelling 6 – 8 December 2020