Basics in Fluorescence Microscopy – Amsterdam, NL

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce the course “Basics in fluorescence microscopy”, organised by the van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy at Amsterdam University, the Netherlands, January 28th-31st 2020.

This is a 4-days basic microscopy course for graduate students, postdocs and lab technicians in biology, biophysics and (bio)medicine. It provides detailed knowledge of the working principles of confocal and widefield fluorescence imaging, with special emphasis on experiment related issues, such as optical aberrations, bleaching, specimen preparation and fluorescent probes. The course integrates theoretical lectures with hands-on experiments and practical experience. Experts in the field of microscopy will give an overview of “state-of-the-art” imaging techniques in biological research.

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Participants: Max. 20 PhD students, postdocs and technicians.
Date: January 28th-31st 2020
Level: Starting microscopist
Costs (including coffee and lunches):  400 €
Application deadline: January 3rd 2020
Organisers: LCAM, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, contact: Mark Hink